Below is an overview of the services we offer. For more information, please click this link for the downloadable brochure.

Custom Home Design

From concept to construction, complete design packages are custom tailored to your needs.  We focus on your wish list, and act as a design conduit to help you achieve your dream home.  We offer interior and exterior design development, providing clean, easy to read plans along with fully rendered 3D visualizations.

Permit and Construction Plans

Navigating your designs through the municipal permitting process and code reviews can be a challenge. With our drawings you will see less deficiencies in the permit process and ensure a quicker turn around on your building permits.  Our documents contain the relevant information needed, presented in a clear manor to ensure a smoother construction process.

Renovations and Additions

Our familiarity with existing construction can make renovation projects simpler.  Accuracy is vital when working with an existing structure; all of our drawings are fully detailed and thoughtfully produced to give you an advantage in renovations and additions of every size.

Multiple Family Dwellings

In multiple family dwelling, navigating building code requirements, tight zoning allowances and low profit margins can be difficult.  We can plan your 2, 3 or 4 unit complex to maximize efficiency while creating a desirable product for todays real estate markets. 

Decks and Outbuildings

Many smaller projects still require code and permit drawings.  Be it an exterior deck that needs to be rebuilt or a new storage barn, our drawings are issued quickly to get your project underway.

Subdivision Planning

We assist in the layout and planning of large and small lot subdivisions.  We can work with your surveyor to establish lot sizes, amenity locations and building envelopes.  We offer packages for site signage, including rendered graphics and logos, and can also develop architectural covenants concerning form and character of your proposed development.

Rezoning and Variance Applications

When your project is in conflict with existing zoning regulations, a simple variance may be a possible solution.  For more complex issues a rezoning may be required.  We have plenty of experience in preparing and presenting relevant documentation to council in this regard. 

Presentation Graphics and 3D Visualizations

All of our projects can be shown using 3D renderings of the proposal.  We use high powered CAD software to produce quality renderings to confirm designs, showcase future developments and for sales and marketing uses.

Landscape Planning

When site planning is required, we can provide details of land use, showing both hard and soft-scaped areas.

Small Commercial - Tenant Improvements

Neighbourhood commercial lots are more and more common in municipal planning, but development can differ significantly from residential construction.  We can design and prepare permit / construction plans for these locations, and can also assist in the redevelopment of existing office and commercial spaces. 

Remodeling and Home Design